Hooded Stranger

A man of many shadows
hooded stranger, he
silently observes
the likes of you, the likes of me

The heart of a Lion
beats strongly in his chest
the eyes of an eagle
watch we who take the test

A brilliant troubadour
this stranger of the hood
he sings of worldly troubles
as only a hooded one could

He writes in desperation
seeking to be understood
so take a single moment
to think of him if you would

I read his words repeatedly
for it often comforts me
To know this shadow man
cutting through detritus and debris

I am his forever friend
and if you would only open the door
to see the dark magic he weaves
you too, would revere him all the more

Written by Caitlin Mattison

Hooded Stranger II

His footfalls produce no echo
on his striding through the night
no predestination set
he seeks only to outdistance
a past of dwindling light
his future is uncertain
his destination unknown
his thoughts are in turmoil
his mood dark and muddy
as his questions go unanswered
and he becomes a shadow
of all that he has been
a melancholy figure
a shade of darkest night

Written by Caitlin Mattison


a simple boy
amongst the throng
scorned every day
labelled as wrong

he donned the mask
at an early age
while contemplating
the bars of his cage

an orphan of sorts
without a clan
to shape his psyche
and make him a man

twisted he grew
over shadowed by pain
rejected by many
of self-righteous disdain

he took to the cloak
and adopted the hood
of darkness and death
where depravity stood

he travels in darkness
hidden by night
takes cover in shadows
rejecting the light

he seeks out the wicked
who've done him bad turn
punishment doled out
he will watch them all burn

Written by Eddy Styx